Growing Conditions

The growing season in Virginia provided ideal conditions for the development of our Cabernet Franc grapes. A mild spring and early summer allowed for a healthy fruit set, while the warm, dry conditions during the ripening period promoted even maturation and flavor development. The result was a harvest of Cabernet Franc grapes with excellent concentration, balance, and varietal character.


The nose is complex and inviting, with aromatic layers of dark fruit, such as blackberry and black cherry, alongside nuances of green bell pepper, cedar, and a hint of black pepper.


On the palate, this Cabernet Franc is medium-bodied and elegant, with a well-structured backbone of refined tannins. Flavors of ripe black cherry, blackcurrant, and raspberry are complemented by subtle notes of green bell pepper, tobacco, and graphite, leading to a long, silky finish.


The Veramar Vineyard Cabernet Franc Virginia displays a deep garnet color, indicative of the wine's rich and concentrated nature.

Food Pairing

This versatile Cabernet Franc pairs beautifully with a wide range of dishes, particularly those featuring poultry, pork, or lamb. Its refined structure and complex flavors make it an ideal match for dishes with earthy or herbal elements, such as roasted chicken with rosemary, grilled pork tenderloin, or eggplant parmesan.


The Veramar Vineyard Cabernet Franc Virginia has excellent aging potential, thanks to its well-integrated tannins and concentrated flavors. While this wine can be enjoyed in its youth for its vibrant fruit and herbal character, it will continue to develop and evolve in the bottle for 5-7 years or more. As the wine ages, the fruit flavors will soften, and the secondary notes of tobacco, leather, and spice will become more pronounced.


The harvest for our Veramar Vineyard Cabernet Franc was marked by favorable growing conditions and diligent vineyard management. The Cabernet Franc grapes were hand-harvested in late September, ensuring optimal ripeness and the preservation of the grape's natural acidity and varietal character. Once in the winery, the grapes were carefully sorted, destemmed, and fermented to create this elegant and expressive wine.

Experience the sophistication and allure of our Veramar Vineyard Cabernet Franc Virginia, and savor the captivating flavors and unique character that make this wine a standout expression of Virginia's winemaking potential.