Growing Conditions

The 2020 growing season provided the ideal conditions for producing a late harvest dessert wine. The warm days and cool nights allowed the grapes to develop high sugar concentrations while retaining their natural acidity. The extended hang time on the vine led to the development of rich, concentrated flavors and enhanced complexity.


The nose is filled with inviting aromas of ripe tropical fruits, honeycomb, and delicate floral notes, complemented by undertones of vanilla and spice from the oak aging process.


On the palate, D'Ora delivers a rich and luscious mouthfeel, showcasing flavors of honey, ripe apricot, and candied citrus. The wine's balanced acidity adds a refreshing lift to the sweetness, culminating in a long, satisfying finish with hints of caramel and toasted nuts.


D'Ora boasts a brilliant golden-amber color, with an enticing, viscous appearance that hints at the wine's luxurious, full-bodied texture.

Food Pairing

This versatile dessert wine pairs beautifully with a wide array of sweet treats, including fruit tarts, crème brûlée, and panna cotta. D'Ora also complements a cheese platter, especially when featuring blue cheese, aged cheddar, or creamy goat cheese.


While D'Ora can be enjoyed immediately, it also possesses excellent aging potential, allowing for further development of its complex flavors and aromas over the next 5-10 years when stored in proper conditions.


The grapes for D'Ora were hand-selected and harvested late in the season to ensure optimal sugar concentration and flavor development. The Vidal Blanc grapes were gently pressed, and the resulting juice was fermented slowly at cool temperatures. The wine was then aged in oak barrels to add depth and complexity to its already impressive flavor profile.